Wolfpack Wellness

Wolfpack Wellness

Wolfpack Wellness

What is Wolfpack Wellness

Wolfpack Wellness is The Den Athletic’s custom nutrition program. Members enrolled in the wellness program will be registered with our software system which will prompt you to fill out an initial consultation form. Once these are filled out, you will hear back from your coach on what the focus will be for the week and to help fill in any questions that may be left after the initial consultation form.

Each week you will have an online check-in to fill out. The check-in process may vary widely depending on your goals and needs. Some of the possible options for a check-in process may include:

  • Progress pictures, measurements, weight, body fat, etc.
    Food logs (via journals, pictures, apps , etc.)Questionnaire with questions relating to your goals, these may include topics such as:
    – Sleep
    – Stress
    – Habit tracking
    – Digestion
    – Athletic and/or fitness performance
    – Areas we have made progress and areas to improve

    Once your check-in questions have been assessed, you will receive a response from your coach to discuss what the goals will be for the following week. Educational topics will vary widely between clients, some of the ways we may educate include:

  • Scientific background – to increase overall knowledge on a topic
  • Habit forming information – to give you ways to put your knowledge into practice
  • Tips and tricks – recipes, time saving tips, money saving tips, etc.
Wolfpack Wellness Details

We understand that we all have different lifestyles, goals, knowledge, cultures, and bodies. We know that what works for one person often does not work for another.

We also understand that health and fitness is an individual lifelong journey. Which means that what has worked for you in the past may not necessarily work for you today or in a few months from now.

For many, this means support and encouragement as we learn simple tricks that over time make large differences in how we look and feel. For others, the basics are already a part of their every-day routine and require more advanced methods to help them achieve their goals. Our goal is to meet you where you are in your current fitness journey and to find what works for you right now, as well as give you the tools and support you need to continue your success in the future.

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