Pup Pack

Pup Pack

Pup Pack

Welcome Pups!

The Den’s Pup Pack is an all kids class for children of ages 5-14. Classes are run twice a week by our super friendly coach Nicola where we introduce kids to the world of functional fitness and focus on how exercising can be fun.

What’s Involved

Kids will learn a wide range of motions and skills that form the groundwork for future fitness. We use kids weights and bars and teach proper lifting form. We focus on cardiovascular workouts like bikes and rowers and weather permitting do outdoor runs. Having fun is an important part of kids classes so we include games and activities that keep the kids engaged and smiling.

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We're Not Just a Gym - We're a Pack

At the Den you’re part of the pack! We help each other grow, support one another, we laugh, lift and sweat. Check out our membership page and begin your adventure with us.

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