Online Programming

Online Programming

Online Programming

What is Online Programming

Online programming is aimed at members who cannot attend in-person classes. This was also our answer for Covid lockdowns. Online Programming members receive the weekly in-class program in its entirety at the beginning of each week. We also offer modified versions of most classes to accommodate members with access to various gym equipment. For example, we provide full equipment programs for those who have full-gym setups, some equipment and no equipment versions of classes for those who own limited access to things such as weights and bikes.

What if I Have Questions?

Your coach will be available by text or email throughout the week if you have any questions or need clarification on any workouts. We’re a members-first gym and love finding ways to make things work for everyone. For members needing additional help, such as those who are just starting out in fitness or athletes looking for advanced programing, we also offer the Alpha Performance package.

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At the Den you’re part of the pack! We help each other grow, support one another, we laugh, lift and sweat. Check out our membership page and begin your adventure with us.

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