Meal Preparations

Meal Preparations

Meal Preparations
gourmet table with healthy food being prepped

I talk A LOT with my clients about preparation.

No matter how well prepared you are, no matter how hard you try, sometimes things just don’t go as planned.

This is just a part of life. Even if you prepare all your food in advance, there are a million things throughout the day that can throw you off.

For example, in picture one, I already had pork chops and rice prepared in advance for dinner.

Unfortunately there were less pork chops than I thought, leaving a large amount of protein that I would have been under for the day.

BUT, I keep a container of egg whites around as a back up, so I quickly scrambled some, and turned it into a fake ‘pork fried rice’.

In picture 2, taken on a different day, I was really wanting bacon and eggs because… it’s just delicious. But this would have also left me running low on protein for that day.

Fortunately, I had pre-cooked chicken breast that I was able to throw in with my potatoes and vegetables to reheat, making both meals an easy dinner that also fit my macro targets.

This post is not intended to say these are the perfect meals and to show you how to make them.

The point of this post almost the opposite; many of your meals will not be perfect gourmet meals that we see on Instagram.

It’s more likely many of your meals will look like this. They don’t always have to be a classic combination of food. It’s okay to mix it up and use different food combinations.

If I had not had at least some food prepared in advance, it would have been very easy to have felt overwhelmed, frustrated and in the past I probably would’ve given up and just ordered pizza.

There is nothing wrong with ordering take out sometimes. However, doing this every time one little thing goes wrong will likely make it difficult to reach your goals.

It is okay if your meals aren’t perfect. By expecting that things may not go as planned and learning strategies to cope with them, you will not only help yourself stay on track, you may even find some food combinations you really enjoy that you never thought to try before.

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