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Meal Preparations

I talk A LOT with my clients about preparation. No matter how well prepared you are, no matter how hard you try, sometimes things just don’t go as planned. This is just a part of life. Even if you prepare all your food in advance, there are a million things throughout the day that can […]

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Eating on a Budget

Buying groceries was already expensive without the rising cost of living we’ve all experienced over the last few months. Buying groceries can absolutely be costly, particularly if you have large families to feed and big appetites. There are two major mistakes I see clients make that can make their weekly food bills even more expensive. […]

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Progress Takes Time

This is a reminder that real progress takes time! We tend to place unrealistic expectations on ourselves. One of the ways we do this is by creating deadlines for our progress. If you’ve fallen into the trap of setting a time frame, expecting to see progress, and then feeling disappointed when you aren’t where you […]

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Too Busy to Work Out

Summer; one of the most enjoyed seasons of the year, but also one of the busiest. With weekend getaways and outdoor activities in the hottest of temperatures, it is so tempting to forget about our health and just kick back pool side with an ice cold beverage. If you’re keen on skipping out on your […]

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We're Not Just a Gym - We're a Pack

At the Den you’re part of the pack! We help each other grow, support one another, we laugh, lift and sweat. Check out our membership page and begin your adventure with us.

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