The Den Athletics

The Den Athletics is Durham’s premier fitness club focused on fitness, an amazing community and having fun!

We offer an original programming that touches on many components of the fitness world. Bodybuilding, olympic weightlifting, endurance training, gymnastics, plyometrics and functional fitness type workouts are only a few of the disciplines that we develop our programs around.

In addition, we offer both supplemental programing as well as a proven nutrition program to support whatever your fitness voyage requires. Our members range from absolute beginners who’ve rarely or never been inside of a gym, to competitive athletes looking for advanced programming and guidance.

No matter your fitness goals we are a community of members who and help each other grow and support each other’s journey. Most of all we make fitness fun. Welcome to the Den!

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Who is The Den Athletics for?

Whether you’re an absolute beginner who has never been inside of a gym, or you’re a competitive
athlete trying to progress to the next stage of your training, we have a place for you.

01 Beginners

If you’re a beginner or even someone who’s never before been to a gym our coaches are there to help. We focus on teaching you the basics and catering to your individual needs. We focus on form to avoid injury and getting you started in a fun and always encouraging way.

02 Intermediates

If you’re comfortable around the gym and looking for a great workout, then we’d love for you to join the pack! We have classes that will challenge you, members who will motivate you and coaches who will make you see amazing results. Not to mention our theme is pretty awesome.

03 Athletes

If you’re a competitive athlete looking to up your game then do we have a program for you! Join the pack and see what our coaches and catered programming can do for you. Take part in challenges and immerse yourself in a community unlike any other. You’ll howl with joy!

Not Ready for In Class Workouts?

If you’re not quite ready for in-class workouts or just a little shy? We offer Online Programming that lets you follow along with our classes using your own home gym or personal equipment.

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We're Not Just a Gym - We're a Pack

At the Den you’re part of the pack! We help each other grow, support one another, we laugh, lift and sweat. Check out our membership page and begin your adventure with us.

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